The European Travel Experience2014.09.02. // Destinations

Traveling to a new location is always something that can turn out to be a very fun experience. Selecting a new city to travel to has its advantages when it can be done on a on a modest budget. Many folks out there think that they must carry their whole nest egg with them when they go on vacation, but that just is not the case. People can still have a great time if they get good deals from the venues that they eat food at and make accommodations with.

London has it all and they have a great atmosphere that will make a traveling experience a one of a kind experience. Premier Inn hotels in London not only provide the right type of arrangement for overnight stays, but they also comfort guests with some of the best food selections of any city in Europe.

Do it yourself- or sometimes NOT2014.08.23. // Property

With the intent of upgrading our kitchen faucet and saving some money my husband and I purchased a new faucet from a do-it-yourself home improvement store. My husband happily started installing the new faucet with only a few choice words, as I read the directions out-loud. When we finished we only had two screws and three thing-a-ma-gigs left over, which we are convinced manufacturers add into the box just to confuse direction readers like myself. The moment of truth happened when we turned the water back on. Water went in every direction and our dishwasher no longer worked. Instead of calling an emergency plumber Manchester on a Sunday we enlisted the help of the local handy man. He was older with a thick Wisconsin accent and seemed to know what he was doing. Seemed was the key word here as the dishwasher did work again and water was not shooting out from the surface but underneath was another story. By morning we created a small pond under our kitchen sink. In the end we ended up calling a plumber after all. Then we discovered the style of faucet was not compatible with our sink.