Away To Paradise2015.07.17. // Therapy

As I got comfortable on the thai massage Manchester table, I felt like I was being taken into another world. Little did I know that my dreams would become my reality. The massage therapist told me to relax and close my eyes. I felt her hands on my back, and when I opened my eyes, I saw flowers all around me when there had been none before. I smelled the sweet smell of hibiscus and roses. I sat up to look at my surroundings, and I realized that the table had somehow transported me to another land. The area looked like a tropical island where I could forget all of my troubles. Thanks to my massage, I was completely relaxed and ready to face life in new surroundings and with a new outlook.

Poopy, Puppy, Pandemonium Averted2015.07.10. // Internet Marketing

A friend of mine, Monica, had the idea of selling special puppy diapers for both dogs. These diapers where no ordinary disposable diaper, but instead used a durable, adjustable, cloth shell that was specifically shaped for a canine posterior. These doggie diapers featured a disposable inside-piece which Monica conveniently supplied as a consumable.

At first, business was good for Monica and she sold her special doggie diapers locally. Monica’s cost for the consumable part of her diaper doubled when she had to change manufacturers, and Monica quickly realized that she needed to reach a bigger audience by having a “web presence”. Monica had a great website made but she rarely received new orders from other sales regions.

While having lunch yesterday, Monica told me of her problems and how she desperately needed new business from the internet. I suggested that she investigate and use a SEO Consultant Manchester to help her online business to grow.

Wood Shutters2015.06.09. // Home Improvement

You need to enjoy the beauty of these blinds, they cover the most classic windows. These plantation shutters Manchester, offer something that holds the test of time. They will never go out of style, no matter how long you own them. You find the furniture, to match the windows. You need to take the measurements, and we will find the custom shutters, to fit in your home. For the interior of your window, we offer a range of sizes, for that added fashion. There is excellent pricing, and top quality service, for your window needs. These shutters are fire retardant, and water resistant, and they come to fit your window. They give you the old world fashion, and the custom wood look to them, because they give you a high quality, real wood shutters, that are really impressive.

Maybe I’m Not A DIY Kinda Gal2015.06.07. // Business

When changing your media filtration water treatment you become quickly overwhelmed with all the different options I certainly did. I soon turned to the ever faithful youtube introduction videos to help me with my task. After unscrewing the control valve I started to siphon out the extra water, after getting a mouth full of carbon and nearly puking, I was able to remove the water leaving just the carbon media. I wasn’t able to remove the distributor tube or lift the tank. Thankfully after 20 minutes of rolling the tank around on the ground and trying to spoon out the media a neighbor offered to help me dump the tank. My neighbor and I where able to complete the task and I have fresh media in my tank. I’ll say this wasn’t as easy as I thought and when I reach the five year replacement mark I think I’ll hire someone else to do it.

Storybook Vegas Flip2015.06.02. // Gardening

McGraw & Sons has been in the house-flipping business for around 20 years and during that time has seen competitors come and go. It is a rough and unforgiving industry that requires plenty of market research, attention to deadlines and construction know-how.

Their latest flip was one of the most lucrative they were ever involved in.

The McGraw’s purchased a small house on the fringe of a reclamation area on the outside of Las Vegas. It was a two-bedroom 750 square foot starter home that needed major repairs along with a substantial amount of curbside appeal.

The initial investment costs them $55,000 with a $15,000 renovation budget. Upgrades included gutting and reworking the entire interior with an open concept, exterior tile for a more modern look, and pea shingle gravel to brighten up the pathway leading up to the front doors.

After hosting an open house, the McGraw’s received a first-day offer of $119,000, netting them a total profit of $49,000.

Here Comes The Rain2015.03.20. // Home Improvement

Over the past few years, my corner of the world has received more than its fair share of rain water. Most folks don’t particularly like the feel or look of a thunderstorm or rain storm, but most folks also don’t think about the underlying damage that this rainwater runoff can cause for surfaces such as paved driveways. Once the storm is over and the water begins to flow, there can be an excessive amount of damages to these surfaces and I had began to notice the problem in my own little outdoor area just a few years ago.

I recently heard of permeable porous paving as a solution to this problem. I immediately called professionals to see if this would work for my situation, and thank God, it was my answer. They completed new pavements for my driveway using this method of paving and since then I don’t have to worry when the rain comes around.

I got beat by the heat!2014.12.08. // Home Improvement

I almost made it through the whole season. There was a heat wave in June and another week at the beginning of August where I almost broke down and bought a new air conditioner, but I decided to persevere. Mine had been on the fritz for awhile and while I obviously prefer the comfort of air conditioning Rochdale in my home, I was also a little lacking in funds. Big mistake.

Last week was the worst yet. Yes, the end of August. I was in the final stretch! I broke down and bought the thing. I have to admit, while my bank account isn’t super thrilled with my decision to make this purchase, and I’m a little upset with myself that I suffered for 3 months for nothing, I am in paradise.

The European Travel Experience2014.09.02. // Destinations

Traveling to a new location is always something that can turn out to be a very fun experience. Selecting a new city to travel to has its advantages when it can be done on a on a modest budget. Many folks out there think that they must carry their whole nest egg with them when they go on vacation, but that just is not the case. People can still have a great time if they get good deals from the venues that they eat food at and make accommodations with.

London has it all and they have a great atmosphere that will make a traveling experience a one of a kind experience. Premier Inn hotels in London not only provide the right type of arrangement for overnight stays, but they also comfort guests with some of the best food selections of any city in Europe.