The Clueless Actor2014.10.26. // Acting

It was the first day on set, I had just rehearsed my lines like 100 times that morning. I was so ready for this monologue, I had basically became my character. This wasn’t new to me I had already played in 10 films, but I was still pretty nervous. When I got on set I noticed these green screens. This was weird to me since this was a movie that was a drama set back in the early 20th century. I proceeded to my position, and the director said action. I started my lines and the scene went very well. The movie was now complete. Six months later, the premiere came out and I was amazed. The whole entire background I expected was in the movie. I asked my producer how was this possible and it turns out with green screen you can create anything. Technology at its best.

The Revenge of the Snowy Driveway2014.10.23. // Happiness

Rock salt has never been my friend. I can’t seem to spread it on the driveway without some sort of mishap. When I woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of snow, I hoped I’d be able to dust it off the driveway without having to lay salt. I was soon disappointed.

The snow was covering evidence of a fierce ice storm. My driveway gleaned like a mirror, mocking my dread. I grabbed the salt, determined to make it work this time. I was a sight, throwing salt around in my best work heels. There was a cute hole at the top and I was determine to wear them, snow be damned.

The salt hit the driveway with pittering sounds. “pit pit pit pit“. As I neared the end of the driveway, I turned to congratulate myself. I had no incidents! The car had not been damaged, this time. I hadn’t fallen and there were no clumps, waiting to eat the driveway in the spring. I went to work with an extra spring in my step.

Later that day, my toes began to hurt. I looked them over and could see nothing, initially. By five, however, my pinky toe was swollen so bad those cute shoes had to come off. I limped to my doctor.

He looked me over then asked me if I had been into any unusual substances lately. I couldn’t think of anything. He said something, maybe a stone, had worked its way between my toes, lodged itself into my skin and caused a minor annoyance, which could lead to infection. I looked at him bewildered, then I remembered the salt from this morning.

Beautiful is Back2014.10.18. // Beauty

Looking good has never been as important as feeing good about yourself, but looking good always helps you feel good. Most everyone has that special day that they need to look their best, whether it is for a job interview, to catch the eye of that special someone, or the most important of all, the wedding day. Having a great wedding makeup artist Manchester for that day is something all of us want to have at our disposal for those special occasions. But it is important that person knows our likes and dislikes plus our style to get that perfect look. I love makeup, but I don’t want to go out looking like I’m ready for a theater performance, or that I’m ready for a day a the beach, so choosing the right person to be my artist is crucial. Personalities must blend between the client and the artist so each feels comfortable with what style is to be desired.

A Nice Day For a Walk2014.10.17. // Property

There is nothing like a nice fall day to realize that everything is not as you would have wished. She looked up the word sadness in the dictionary, and along the way she came across the word hasten and the phrase recycled glass media. Based on the definition of sadness in the dictionary she was not sad, so much as restless. She decides to go for a walk. It was a cool and sunny day, and she noticed the squirrel that ran across the sidewalk to the tall tree to climb it. She passed a fast food place, and the delicious smell of french fries and onion rings had her mouth watering. She walked two more blocks and passed an empty park. She noticed the swings moved with the wind and the grass in the park needed cutting. After continuing her walk for another thirty minutes, she walked back home feeling relaxed and happy.

Office Humor2014.10.09. // Home Based Business

Judy came into the office one morning to find that someone had pulled a prank her and this was not the first occurrence. She was tired of the random jokes taped to her desk, glue on her mouse, and a mysterious sticky substance on her keyboard. It was getting old quickly to say the least. She wanted to get even. Judy put several sheets of stationary with her company’s letterheads featured front and center into her printer. “Now what to say”, she thought. Fingers starting flying on the keyboard, still sticky, as thoughts formed in her mind. “Attention all employees,” she wrote, ” inappropriate and childish attempts at humor have become a workplace nuisance as of late. If anyone is found participating in such activities they will be immediately faced with disciplinary action. Thank you for your time. ” Judy smiled as she signed the document using solely the term ‘management’. She was just a secretary after all…. but who is going to know?

Lunch On Me2014.09.25. // Massage

I don’t often buy lunch for people. It’s simply not something I can afford to do very often. However, yesterday afternoon I got a surprise phone call from grandma to wish me happy birthday, and she said she’s sending me $300 because it’s the big 21!

My co workers probably thought I had gone crazy because I actually screamed, I was so excited. Of course, after that I explained what I was so excited about, and told them I would take them all out to lunch.

Something funny happened when we left the office though, because Tim saw this salon offering a thai massage Bristol for half price, and he said he had to have one. Then everyone wanted one, so no one actually ended up getting any lunch on me. Instead, I paid for massages all around!

The European Travel Experience2014.09.02. // Destinations

Traveling to a new location is always something that can turn out to be a very fun experience. Selecting a new city to travel to has its advantages when it can be done on a on a modest budget. Many folks out there think that they must carry their whole nest egg with them when they go on vacation, but that just is not the case. People can still have a great time if they get good deals from the venues that they eat food at and make accommodations with.

London has it all and they have a great atmosphere that will make a traveling experience a one of a kind experience. Premier Inn hotels in London not only provide the right type of arrangement for overnight stays, but they also comfort guests with some of the best food selections of any city in Europe.

Do it yourself- or sometimes NOT2014.08.23. // Property

With the intent of upgrading our kitchen faucet and saving some money my husband and I purchased a new faucet from a do-it-yourself home improvement store. My husband happily started installing the new faucet with only a few choice words, as I read the directions out-loud. When we finished we only had two screws and three thing-a-ma-gigs left over, which we are convinced manufacturers add into the box just to confuse direction readers like myself. The moment of truth happened when we turned the water back on. Water went in every direction and our dishwasher no longer worked. Instead of calling an emergency plumber Manchester on a Sunday we enlisted the help of the local handy man. He was older with a thick Wisconsin accent and seemed to know what he was doing. Seemed was the key word here as the dishwasher did work again and water was not shooting out from the surface but underneath was another story. By morning we created a small pond under our kitchen sink. In the end we ended up calling a plumber after all. Then we discovered the style of faucet was not compatible with our sink.