The Clueless Actor2016.06.20. // Acting

It was the first day on set, I had just rehearsed my lines like 100 times that morning. I was so ready for this monologue, I had basically became my character. This wasn’t new to me I had already played in 10 films, but I was still pretty nervous. When I got on set I noticed these green screens. This was weird to me since this was a movie that was a drama set back in the early 20th century. I proceeded to my position, and the director said action. I started my lines and the scene went very well. The movie was now complete. Six months later, the premiere came out and I was amazed. The whole entire background I expected was in the movie. I asked my producer how was this possible and it turns out with green screen you can create anything. Technology at its best.

Hurry, Hurry!2016.01.02. // Sales

When one of the hottest parties managed to hit the mean streets of Atlanta everyone knew so much problems would be endured that suggestions were been taken from everyone. This allowed some of the smartest people to point out that all the employees were doing to much and had more tasks than they could initially handle. Finally, someone spoke up and said that it would be idea to hire event staff London. They could help keep things under control instead of escalating into more problems for the public. Every one ran the idea of the staff crew by the team management. Management agreed that hiring extra staff would be the best and maybe only solution to help with there event. They didn’t have much time so they needed to hurry.

Why Guest Satisfaction is Key for Any Event2015.10.29. // Marketing

When attending an event, the staff that puts on the event is the people that will leave the most impression on you about that event. No matter whether they are dealing with marketing coordinator or the parking attendant, all of these people make up the promotional staff London. Every member holds an important role. However, the most important part of their role is to make the guests comfortable and happy. If the guests are not having a good time at the event, then the staff is not doing their job. Therefore, they are the ones who will impress the guests the most. That is why a well-coordinated staff plays is a key factor in making a successful event happen. If a guest is not pleased, the staff members are the first ones the guest will blame for causing this to happen.

Sign Spinners Or Sign Tossers2015.09.23. // Marketing

Have you ever walked down the street and seen the sign spinners? They are pretty awesome aren’t they? It must suck though, having to actually stand in the sun and twirl and spin those signs. That are, at times, bigger than the person who is spinning it! This one time, I had dipped inside a store to wait for my bus, and looked out the window to see a set of girls. I am going to call them promotional girls, and they were out there, standing in the sun, with the name of their company written on the back and front of their shirts, tossing a sign to each other. Not just spinning the sign, but tossing it between them! It was funny, but stupid. I don’t know what happened to them, but I hope they were okay.

Getting Glamorous For My Anniversary2015.08.16. // Relationships

I have been married for 30 years. Even though my husband and I have been together for many years, I always try to do something special for him on our anniversary. We recently celebrated our anniversary, and I spent the whole day making sure I looked my best for him.

The first thing I did was go shopping and purchased a dress that I knew he would like. After that, I went to the beauty salon and got my hair done. The next thing I did was see my favorite bridal makeup artist. She used cosmetics that helped enhance my natural beauty. It took me about four or five hours to get ready, but I would definitely say that the time I spent getting ready was worth it. My husband loved my look. He took me out for dinner, and we have a beautiful evening together.

How I Meet New Friends2015.08.07. // Gardening

It was an average night out for this group p friends. Dancing, flirting, the weekend works. As usual, when 2 am rolled around we were all starving. We decide to hit up one of the local 24 hour breakfast spots. I don’t know who invited the extras, but instead of our usual booth, we needed a table. U ordered my usual mountain of food. The stranger across from me ordered a bowl of grits.

“Grits?” I asked. “What is that?”

“They’re good,” the stranger said. “You should try some.”
I added an order of grits to my order. Big mistake.

It seemed like the food took forever. When my food came, I went straight for those highly recommended grits.

“Psthssssth! What is this made of silica sand?” I shouted.

The table erupted in laughter. The I notice the strangers face was covered with grits.
We’ve been friends ever since then.

Maybe I’m Not A DIY Kinda Gal2015.06.07. // Business

When changing your media filtration water treatment you become quickly overwhelmed with all the different options I certainly did. I soon turned to the ever faithful youtube introduction videos to help me with my task. After unscrewing the control valve I started to siphon out the extra water, after getting a mouth full of carbon and nearly puking, I was able to remove the water leaving just the carbon media. I wasn’t able to remove the distributor tube or lift the tank. Thankfully after 20 minutes of rolling the tank around on the ground and trying to spoon out the media a neighbor offered to help me dump the tank. My neighbor and I where able to complete the task and I have fresh media in my tank. I’ll say this wasn’t as easy as I thought and when I reach the five year replacement mark I think I’ll hire someone else to do it.

Here Comes The Rain2015.03.20. // Home Improvement

Over the past few years, my corner of the world has received more than its fair share of rain water. Most folks don’t particularly like the feel or look of a thunderstorm or rain storm, but most folks also don’t think about the underlying damage that this rainwater runoff can cause for surfaces such as paved driveways. Once the storm is over and the water begins to flow, there can be an excessive amount of damages to these surfaces and I had began to notice the problem in my own little outdoor area just a few years ago.

I recently heard of permeable porous paving as a solution to this problem. I immediately called professionals to see if this would work for my situation, and thank God, it was my answer. They completed new pavements for my driveway using this method of paving and since then I don’t have to worry when the rain comes around.